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05.31.2016 – Spirit Show #15 – Eric Boatright from Shallow Side

Shallow Side“Shallow Side’s raw talent, strong work ethics and the absolute drive to succeed in the tough music world cannot be overstated,” said Kyle Favors, Thermal Entertainment’s President. “For the past five years, their visionary work as songwriters, musicians and business men has not gone unnoticed by many industry professionals and has attracted us to this band. With many career ending setbacks, well for most bands, Shallow Side always seems to come back stronger than ever. Eric, Cody, Seth and Heath have never stopped moving forward, so I am thrilled to welcome them into the Thermal Entertainment family as they begin a dynamic new chapter of their music careers.”
“Giving it all you have, demands respect, but when a team comes together you create legendary moments filled with Champions.

05.24.2016 – Spirit Show #14 – Duncan Faure from The Bay City Rollers

Fronting not one but two of history’s biggest-selling bands, a prolific writer of 100+ songs, and a consummate performer who has played to millions worldwide, Duncan Faure is a legend.
Duncan first burst on the scene in the 1970s as the frontman for South African rock-pop sensation RABBITT. Together with friend and guitarist Trevor Rabin, who later joined British rock band YES, Duncan led RABBITT to multiple gold and platinum albums and several Grammys.
With Duncan gracing hundreds of major newspapers and magazines as the band’s heartthrob, RABBITT to this day remains one of South Africa’s biggest rock-pop bands of all time.
The same year RABBITT broke up, Duncan became the new frontman for Scottish rock-pop sensation the BAY CITY ROLLERS. Immediately his musical sophistication won him and the band wide critical acclaim and millions of new fans worldwide. His three timeless albums resonate with his fans to this very day.
In a mere ten-year period, Rabbitt and the Bay City Rollers sold over 50 million records worldwide – in no small part due to the contributions of young Faure. Indeed, during “Rollermania,” the fame and popularity of the BAY CITY ROLLERS rivaled that of the BEATLES, with chart poppers like “Saturday Night,” “Elevator,” and “Turn on the Radio.”

05.17.2016 – Spirit Show #13 – 3 Years Hollow

3 Years Hollow3 Years Hollow is a 5-piece band from the Quad Cities, a group of cities located along the Mississippi River in Iowa and Illinois.

Over the past 7 years, the group has solidified itself as one of the Midwest’s most incendiary and infectious young acts. Their breakout independent single “Remember” charted at #1 on Octane, while “Chemical Ride” is closing in on 750,000 YouTube views. In 2012, they emerged as regional victors during the Ernie Ball-sponsored Rockstar Energy UPROAR Festival “Battle of the Bands”.

In 2014, the ensemble reached No.23 on Top Heatseekers with studio album The Cracks, produced by Clint Lowery (Sevendust / Call Me No One / Dark New Day).

The group promoted The Cracks by touring with: Sevendust, Nonpoint, Eye Empire, Saving Abel, Red, Gemini Syndrome, and Islander in 2014-2015. They were also part of the 2014 Rockstar Uproar Festival, with bands: Godsmack, Seether, Skillet, Pop Evil, Escape The Fate, and Buckcherry.

05.10.2016 – Spirit Show #12 – DayRoller Show Will Be Resheduled

A Pop/Rock band from Southeastern, Wisconsin. The DayRollers play a solid mix of originals and covers that will get you off your seat and moving. You are guaranteed fun times at a DayRollers show. Dancing is required.

Being a DayRoller means a lifestyle of bringing people together through music that entertains us. The DayRollers have been writing, rehearsing, playing and performing for years. They are currently on the verge of releasing their debut full length album. (due February 2016) You can find the singles “The Bad Guy” and “Feelin'” on ITunes, Google Play, Spotify, and more NOW!

05.03.2016 – Spirit Show #11 – Jim Femino

Born and raised in Salem, Massachusetts, JIM FEMINO knew from a very young age (6) that music was going to be his calling. He had his first release as a recording artist on Road Records while still a freshman in high school. All through the seventies, eighties and into the nineties, he performed throughout the US and abroad.
Three albums during those times yielded a #1 on the college charts (“Party Tonight” from the Boston anthology album) and a slew of high-charting singles including “Takin’ Away Our Home” from the JUST THE GOOD STUFF album and “Deanna” from ALL NIGHT PARTY. After a ten year break from touring to be a music industry executive, Jim re-emerged as a performing singer/songwriter and he continues with his passion to this day.

04.26.2016 – Spirit Show #10 – Leo Lyons from10 Years After

Born in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire in November 1943, Leo became a professional musician at the age of 16 and as a founder member of the band Ten Years After has been an on-stage eyewitness to some of the most pivotal moments in Rock and Roll history.

In 1962 with his band The Jaybirds along with guitarist Alvin Lee he performed at The Star Club, Hamburg, Germany where only a week earlier The Beatles had polished up their act. Leo was hired to play in the club’s house band with Tony Sheridan and yet still found time to guest at the Top Ten Club with guitarist Albert Lee. Like The Beatles, The Jaybirds returned home to England, made the move from their hometown to London and secured their first recording contract with legendary record producer Joe Meek.

04.19.2016 – Spirit Show #9 – John Shannon from theShift

Individually, the members of theSHIFT are highly sought-after musicians who’ve recorded and toured the world with music royalty. Together, John Shannon (vocals/guitar), MJ Lambert (drums) and Ben Geis (bass) craft earth-shattering, anthemic rock with vibrant depth and a forceful punch.

The powerhouse trio’s defiant sound is perfectly captured on its debut 7th Direction, to be released on April 14. theSHIFT’s multi-layered riffs and heavy driven groove are in full effect with “Kobra”, the first single off of 7th Direction. The song received its world premiere with Loudwire.

04.12.2016 -Spirit Show #8 – The Cowsills

04.05.2016 – Spirit Show #7 – Vasnessa Hill

03.29.2016 – Spirit Show #6 – Roger Earl of Foghat

03.22.2016 – Spirit Show #5 – Shawn Mullins

03.15.2016 – Spirit Show #4 – Cheryl Krebs

In This Episode Artie speaks with Cheryl Krebs who with her husband managed the Likes of Aerosmith and AC/DC to name a few. Artie discusses the origins of the “Piped Piper” and relates his own heartbreak with the death of his daughter to Cheryl who has started an organization named No Hero’s in Heroine to help raise money and awareness of this epidemic in our nation. Cheryl relates her own story and explains what has brought her to create this organization.

03.08.2016 Spirit Show #3 – Billie Pulera – ELECTRIC REVOLUTION

Electric Revolution’s Billie Pulera Talks with Artie in this Episode. Electric Revolution is: David Lawson Lead Vocals Guitar. Steve Crucianelli – Bass guitar, Vocals. Josey G. – Guitar. Billie Pulera Drums Vocals. Based in Kenosha, WI, Electric Revolution takes the finest parts of Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Grand Funk Railroad, Mountain, Montrose, Y&T mixed up into a tasty blend that makes their music uniquely current and definitely a sound to call it’s own, Prepare for the revolution… the ELECTRIC REVOLUTION!

03.01.2016 Spirit Show #2 – Blue Moon Harem

This episode Artie talks to Blue Moon Harem where they discuss previous Albums and the latest About their beginnings with original members Jon Bix and Demetri Joannou, members of the popular mid-90s Boston band, Requiem. Bix and Joannou collaborated on an album that received massive local airplay and was featured three times on Harvey Warfield’s famed Boston Music Showcase.

02.23.2016 Spirit Show #1 – Bobby Messano/Marcus King Band

Show #1 of The Spirit of Woodstock 69 Radio Show hosted by Artie Kornfeld and Produced by The U-Rock Network™ at the WPHL-DB U-Rock Radio™ Studio’s in Linwood, PA. Join Artie Every Week at 8pm Eastern For The Live Taping of This Show. This week Join Artie Kornfeld as he returns to internet radio interviews The Marcus King Band and 25 Time Grammy Nominee Bobby Messano.